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GoPeopleFax.com is a website designed for users to check out their reputation or the reputation of others. Not a background check but a REPUTATION CHECK. It’s what people are saying about you and what you are saying about others. Every review is ALWAYS anonymously posted so your review should be an honest one. GoPeopleFax.com allows people to help build your REPUTATION.

Before you deal with someone you don’t know be sure and check their reputation at GoPeopleFax.com. Before your next blind date make sure your know who you are about to meet by checking their reputation. Before you hire your next employee or childcare provider make sure you know their reputation. GoPeopleFax.com can save you time and heartache by checking someones reputation BEFORE you deal with them.

GoPeopleFax.com is FREE and easy to post a reputation review. Just create a FREE account, click “add people”, then add your picture, comment and press submit. It’s that easy!  

GoPeopleFax.com is a “one stop shop.” Remember to visit GoPeopleFax.com before your next hire, your next date, your next investment or anytime your dealing with a person you don’t know. GoPeopleFax.com, whats your reputation?

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