Tips And Tricks

  • Using the search feature at the top of the page you are able to see if anyone you will be dealing with is already in the database.
  • This database can be used in a variety of ways, some of which are below.
  • Dealing with buying or selling from an individual or business.
  • Met a guy or girl last night and want to know more about them?
  • Find out whether your potential employee is honest and trustworthy beyond just the job interview.
  • Investigate new friends of a loved one or teachers at your children’s school.
  • Warn others of local crooks, cheaters, scam artists, frauds and swindlers.
  • Look up your own online reputation.
  • Find out how others feel about yourself.
  • Great for online dating.
  • Before you hire your next childcare provider, check their reputation.
  • Alert someone if others are abusive.
  • Give someone a good review if you are happy with their services they have provided.
  • Use it for potential employers to show your reputation is in good standing within the community you live in.
  • Check before you hire your next employee.
  •, what’s YOUR REPUTATION?.

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